Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using Sumire.com.np


The terms and conditions controlled hereafter (“Terms of Use”) shall apply to the use of Sumire Marketplace (Sumire Marketplace” or “we” or “our”), a trading name owned and managed by Sumire enterprises. The Site holds the right to modify, revise, improve, or eliminate shares of these Terms and Conditions at any time without any previous notice. You should check the terms and conditions frequently for updates.

 Your account

To use the services, you need to create an account on our platform and share your personal information. You are accountable for maintaining the privacy of your account details and private information. The details provided by you should be correct and complete and you are liable to update the details of your account.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details and related private information. You are solely responsible to avoid any kind of misuse of your account. We may at any time invalidate your account details without any previous notice and will not be accountable for any loss or invalidation.


The personal data shared by you while using the site will be kept firmly confidential in agreement with the relevant rules and regulations. Please check our Privacy agreement which also administers your visit to the Site.

Platform for communication

You realize and accept that the site is an online platform that permits you to purchase goods listed at the price specified within at any time from any location via a payment system of your preference. we are only a facilitator and monitor any transactions offered to you by the self-regulating service provider.

 Your conduct

You shall not be involved in any actions that could harm the site in any possible way. Any actions that harm the employees, stakeholders, or representatives or the site is not acceptable. You are not allowed to damage or interrupt the site in any way.

Trademarks and copyrights

All registered or unregistered, intellectual property rights in the site including logos, texts, software, videos, photos, and sound graphics, are considered as our intellectual property and are preserved under the copyright laws of Nepal.


You accept that you are accessing the services on the Site and performing at your own risk and are sure of any transactions made on the site. We shall not be responsible nor answerable for any action or warranties by the manufacturers of the products and herewith specifically disclaim all accountability and charge in that regard.


You will be accountable for paying all charges or costs related to the buying of the products and agree to pay all appropriate charges for dominant rules.

 Communicating with us

You should share a valid phone number while ordering with us You can also communicate with us via SMS, phone calls, email, or any other mode that is provided by us.


We bear no responsibility for any kind of personal or business losses or any substantial loss that is not rationally predictable to both of us while using the website.



You accept and identify that we are a profitable private company and agree the right to run business to fulfill our goals in ways we want. You also admit that if you break the conditions mentioned in our site and we are permitted to exercise our rights in the condition where you breach these terms.

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